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7TH MAN is an already established, high-end luxury men’s fashion magazine dedicated to the style conscious man of today – whose aim is to present an original perspective on the ever-changing landscape of men’s fashion. 7TH MAN seamlessly blends the heart of British style with an injection of the most cutting-edge international design.. The 7TH MAN is the quintessential cosmopolitan gentleman of today. He is unique in his approach to life with an appreciation for luxury fashion goods. . Well-travelled, well-educated and cultured, this is a man that likes the finer things in life. . He is fashion conscious and aware of his aesthetics and uses the wide range of sources now available to build his stylish and desirable wardrobe.. WHY 7TH MAN? What sets 7TH MAN apart from other publications of this genre is its bold emphasis on imagery, 7 TH MAN takes a unique and sophisticated art-directional approach that appeals to the visual intelligence of the reader on a new and refreshing level.

7th Man

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