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JUNO is a magazine with "a natural approach to family life”. Since 2004 it has inspired and supported parents as they journey through the challenges of parenting by sharing fresh perspectives in this fast-paced technological world and creating a non-judgemental community. There are regular columns on teens, birth, home-education, natural health and nutrition as well as book reviews, craft ideas, interviews and recipes. A wide range of features bring many voices to readers with beautiful images and unique illustrations to inspire and lift the soul.JUNO is a different magazine because it focuses on families sharing experiences rather than experts telling you "how to”. The thought provoking content is relevant for families with children of all ages and recognises that family life can mean different things to different people. The JUNO ethos is that you do not need to "buy” to be a good parent and what works for some might not work for others.It is run by a small, family team with young children themselves and is committed to sustainable and more natural living. It is printed on FSC paper in the UK.


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