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6 nummers van "Scooterist Scene"

Scooterist Scene has a classic and traditional approach to its editorial coverage, striving well to retain its popular ‘club’ and ‘grass roots’ feel.

Scooterist Scene is aimed at scooterists whose main interest lies in classic scootering and all the nostalgia surrounding it. Including little or no content to do with the modern auto riding scene unless it is relevant to today’s world of traditional scootering, there is no mistaking this title with either TAG or Scootering Magazine, its stablemate publications.

Topics that directly affect the lifestyle of readers are addressed within its pages – such as restoration, memories from the past, classic scooters and their heritage.

Regular features by people from within the scootering community highlight the pleasures and pain of pursuing their ‘way of life’, while others share their expertise on technical matters such as engine maintenance and restoration. In addition to news, views, reviews and features is the classified section of the publication. This offers buyers and sellers of scooter-related items to realise their goal, making it the perfect medium to buy and sell.

Scooterist Scene

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