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Martha Stewart Living
topper: Martha Stewart Living
los nummer
in voorraad
magazine Martha Stewart Living
19 meningen
Martha Stewart Living
Een jaar (10 nrs) voor €154,95
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Martha Stewart is zelf een kei in bloemschikken, eetpartijtjes organiseren, handwerken en decorating. Ze behandelt op eigentijdse wijze alles rondom het huis, bruiloften, kinderen, vakanties, etc. Het blad is in overvloed voorzien van full color foto's en biedt een rijkdom aan wetenswaardigheden en essentiŽle tips voor eindeloos vermaak en genot in en rondom het huis.

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    Martha Stewart Living: Beoordelingen en meningen

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    Great magazine! I've been subscribing it for years.
    Anna op 08-11-2019
    I love the magazine. Am so glad i can reczive it by mail, so i don't have to go out and search for it.
    Ann op 15-12-2017
    Great magazine which covers everything from gardening and housekeeping to cooking and health. They even discuss pets!!!
    Anna Marie op 22-10-2017
    I love the magazine because I love Martha and I love Martha because I love the magazine.
    There are quite some advertisements in the magazine that's true, but that's so in all American magazines. I see it as a way to inform myself on their products.
    I don't do all the things that are featured in the magazine. For me it's really a way to dream about what I want to reach one day when the kids are older and I actually have some of that 'free time' people sometimes talk about ;-)
    Ine op 20-01-2017
    A lovely magazine that me and my wife enjoy very much. Thanks also for reliable an personal service to your subscribers. I can strongly recommend your company.
    Ulf op 31-12-2016
    Excellent, personal service - I would not purchase from anywhere else!
    Carin op 16-07-2016
    Due to the crisis i guess, the magazine stopped in Greece. Through this subscription i managed to receive the magazines in Greece!I am a huge fun of Martha Stewart and I really enjoy this magazine. Magazines arive in very good condition, and despite the distance, I would say on time.
    op 11-06-2016
    I use to enjoy this magazine so much when we lived in the United States and I missed it when we moved back to Sweden. I am so glad that I am able to subscribe to it and I have received several issues and I love them.The only complaint I have, is that I have not received the February issue.
    Christina Carle op 01-04-2016
    If you love homekeeping and Martha's way of life, it's the best magazine ever.
    I always look forward to the next issue and will never ever throw one of my magazines away.
    Ine op 05-01-2016
    I have been collecting this magazine for years and also, and I have always loved reading it. It has alot of new ideas in it for decorating, recipes, diy... As others mentioned, yes, it has become thinner than it used to be, but I still love it and always look forward to the next issue.
    Ann op 18-12-2015
    Ik ken het magazine al jaren, kocht het elke maand in de V.S. Ben al jaren een enorme van van.......maar....Het is nu half zo dun als vroeger......en op de een of andere manier....lijkt het of M S her self, er niet meer bij is betrokken. Het blad valt het laatste jaar steeds tegen!

    Heel jammer. Ook vriendinnen vinden, dat het blad lang niet meer zo leuk is al vroeger.
    Gabrielle op 13-12-2015
    Very nice magazine covering many arguments, nice photography and ideas. I read it from the beginning, it's quite unique compared with similar magazines.
    Very nice service with Global Magazines too.
    Emanuela op 12-12-2015
    I enjoyed my year's subscription at Marta Stewart magazine, particularly interested in recipes and home decoration.

    Nathalie op 13-10-2015
    Martha Stewart living is a wonderful magazine,full of interesting stuff,ideas,recipes,gardening tips...I am huge fan of Martha,her magazines and her books...I use to buy MS Living in Zagreb but now it is no longer available...so I tried subscription via Global Magazines and I am very happy with it...Prices are very reasonable and magazine always arrives on time....I think I will extend my subscription..A+ for Martha Stewart Living and A+ for Global Magazines :)
    Ivo: Thank you so much Sandra, very much appreciated!! :-)
    Sandra op 29-09-2015
    I love the recipes, but too much attention is paid to organizing. I mean who cares. A house should be lived in.
    op 18-09-2015
    I have been collecting this magazine for years and I really love it. The magazine is always full of great ideas and recipes. Over the years, it has become a little bit thin...It is always a pleasure to receive it!
    Annouck op 22-07-2015
    Martha Stewart Living is my favorite magazine. Full of new subjects every month, proposing solutions for everyday topics, new and delicious recipies. I think this is the best food & home magazine ever
    Eleni op 13-07-2015
    Thank you for your subscription service ! I didn't find Martha Stewart Magazine in Switzerland so I'm very happy to recive it ponctually every month! It is for me ŗ source of beauty and inspiration.
    Maria op 28-06-2015
    I used to purchase this magazine ever so often as I enjoy the very practical (and affordable) recipes and gardening tips. It is always refreshing and very down to earth, unlike European titles. When the magazine stopped being available at British newsagents, I thought I should try out the subscription through Global Magazines as it was not possible directly. I am really delighted by the service, the magazine has always arrived promptly.
    Ariane op 05-06-2015
    Ik vind het magazine fantastisch en de service uitstekend. Ik krijg op al mijn vragen tijdig antwoord en Engelse Bladen doet telkens zijn uiterste best om me te helpen wanneer ik mijn magazine later ontvang.
    Ine Coppens op 15-12-2014
    A nice all-around magazine, especially if you have moved beyond dating and fashion magazines (although I still read those too just skip the dating part haha) and you are a settled married lady in her 40's like me! The American magazines are FAR better than the British ones! Americans are so much more down to earth, friendly and less stuffy!
    Barbi Simons op 18-11-2014
    The magazine is great and I am always looking forward to receiving it. However, it seldom reaches me on time. Usually it arrives on the last day of the month on which it refers, if at all...
    Tina op 13-06-2014
    I'm always looking forward to getting these. There are always good ideas and inspiring articles. I especially like the food and the gardening stuff. The layout and the graphics are beautiful, too.
    Marianne op 14-03-2014
    I love everything about Martha Stewart. It's typical America but I find all the traditional values featured charming and the commercial interesting.

    Engelse Bladen has not disappointed me at all. There have been a few mishaps, but I have always gotten quick and friendly responses and never missed an issue since I perscribed.
    Ine Coppens op 29-11-2013
    I am very happy with my subscription to Martha Stewart living. I have been reading the magazine for years, and I used to buy it in a local store, but it was often hard to get. I am so glad I came across this site where i could subscribe to the magazine and get it delivered by mail, and the certainty i will not miss an issue of this wonderful magazine.
    ann op 11-11-2013
    I like the magazine, but it seems to be a little hit and miss. Some issues are great, full of ideas and recipes and then the following month it might be very thin and with not too many good articles. The main issue I have is that it arrives too late. It would be a great service to get it soon after its on-sale date in the US.
    Alexandra op 23-08-2013
    Overall a positiv experience! I have received my first MSL suscription several years ago and I still like the magazine.
    It covers most my areas of interest. But I am not as enthousiastic as I used to be in the past!
    In general, I enjoy the articles. They are well written and well researched. But, some of the presented crafts, collections or projects seem to lack mass appeal. Have the more interesting subjects run out? And I agree with some of the other statements, there is too much advertising!
    In the future I would like to see more articles on "practical things" like home renovation and decorating (the actual skills, not design), going green (one project -energy efficient cooking, growing your own veg or composting- really well explained rather than a list proposing to change light bulbs or to buy new appliances) and articles teaching some basic skills (pruning 101, kitchen organisation or food hygiene 101, flower arranging 101, vegetarian cooking 101, making papier-machť, making your own beauty products,...).
    An in-depth garden design course with subjects like clay soil and how to plant on it, organic pest control, the use of heightin the garden, year round interest in the garden or "How to plant a roof garden?", "...a city garden?", "...a kitchen garden?", "....a low maintenance garden?", etc. would be interesting.
    One positiv change since my last evaluation: the magazine does get delivered earlier than before. But I still don't get it as early as my other suscriptions. Normally, I get these magazines a day or two before the magazine is in the shops. I fequently receive MSL a day or two after the magazine is in the shop.
    Andrea Baas-Deuss op 12-06-2013
    Ik vind het een fantastische magazine met voor elk wat wils, maar vooral voor de huisvrouw denk ik :-) Het is een typische Amerikaans product, maar dat heeft volgens mij ook zijn charme. Ik kijk er altijd naar uit.
    Ine op 11-01-2013
    Look forward to it every month!
    AJ op 31-10-2012
    Not a bad path to domestic divahood. I enjoy leafing through Martha Stewart living - creative project ideas, recipes, and information on varied subjects. Am happy with the customer service department at Global Magazines. They have successfully address
    Rohini op 01-06-2012
    Always a good day when the postman brings the new magazine. I like pretty much the recipes and good advices.

    Laetitia op 05-12-2011
    I love the magazine
    Anna op 29-11-2011
    I like the magazine! It covers most my areas of interest. But I am not as enthousiastic as I used to be in the past! Unfortunately, I always receive my copy extremely late. Usually, over a week after the magazine arrives in the shops. Some months, I have to wait for more than 2 weeks. This is taking away from the overall positiv experience.
    In general, I enjoy the articles. They are well written and well researched. Even if some of the presented crafts, collections or projects seem to lack mass appeal. Have the more interesting subjects run out? I also think there is an overdose of Martha. She might be the brain and the inspiration behind the magazine but everybody knows the magazine is a team effort. So, Martha does not have to be featured on every article. That much expertise from one person is just not credible! And I agree with some of the other statements, there is too much advertising!
    In the future I would like to see more articles on "practical things" like home renovation (the actual skills), going green (one project -energy efficient cooking, growing your own veg or composting- really well explained rather than a list proposing to change light bulbs or to buy new appliances) and articles teaching some basic skills (pruning 101, kitchen organisation or food hygiene 101, flower arranging 101, vegetarian cooking 101, making papier-machť, making your own beauty products,...).
    And, don't get me wrong, I love Martha's show on television! She is charming and entertaining. I would like to see more of her.

    Andrea Baas-Deuss op 07-11-2011
    Zeer verzorgd mooi blad, met voor iedereen een ruime keuze aan onderwerpen. En prima bezorging!
    Ingeborg op 27-09-2011
    I really enjoy your magazine and find it inspirational. It takes the ordinary and even mundane and celebrates it and by doing so makes us all more aware of the fun to be had in lur own homes and local surround. As it is season focused it layers one's involvement with the season by highlighting seasonal foods, recipes and activities. I particularly like "the ten things to do" article and the antique and architectural heritage articles are always very informative.
    Bernadette Fagan op 27-09-2011
    My mom loves the magazines. One of teh things she appreciates is that if she does remember an article, she could always go back online and find it easily... :) its her constant with a life on the move :)
    Aden Coppens op 24-09-2011
    The subscription was a Christmas present for my wife. She finds it enjoyable and interesting, particularly some of the recipes.The only negative is the amount of advertising in it , which is of course irrelevant to an overseas reader. Your arrangements for delivery are first class. Local agents in Australia quote a rediculous price for this magazine and your price is much more realistic.
    Rod op 22-07-2011
    great magazine if you live in the USA
    COLINE op 08-07-2011
    I love the magazine with the tips and recipes
    although I would like for my sake that there were a bit more of craft models and flowerarrangements
    Beyond that it is wonderfull
    christine dejaeghere op 14-03-2011
    Reading Martha Stewart is my way to keep in touch with America. I love the magazine, especially the organising tips and the house hold section section. I love all the advertising as well,it's a way to keep up with everything on the market in America.
    Kšthe Wichard op 12-03-2011
    Fantastisch blad met een zeer gevarieerde inhoud: van schoonmaaktips tot recepten, van huisinrichting tot huisdieren tot tuintips. En alles prachtig weergegeven met mooie foto's. Zeer aan te bevelen!!
    Anita op 12-11-2010
    I do agree with mrs Barbel, great recipes but a little to much Martha Stewart!
    I prefer her show on TV!

    A Peeters op 18-10-2010
    I love Martha Stewart Living! Always great recipies, fun things to make yourself and great decoration ideas!
    The best thing for someone like me who loves to bake is the cookie of the month at the end of every magazine!
    Vanessa op 18-11-2009
    The food sections are great, otherwise there are no particularly inteligent articles to hold ones interest. Does Martha's name and/or picture have to be on most of the pages? Too much advertising and Martha's presumed endorsement of the advertisements does nothing for the magazine except to say that she needs them desperately to keep it going.
    Mrs. Barbel Grimbeek op 28-09-2009
    i loved marta stewart living since the beginning.
    after it became a monthly magazine i do not like it so much anymore. the striking en sprankling subjects seem to have gone and it is now more of the same
    i also regret that martha stewart kids stopped and that every day food comes now in a small version.
    a real pity

    marreke op 24-07-2009
    I think this is a wonderfull magazine witg good recipies;full of surprise to decorate your house with exelent tips to store your items from clothing to office desk!! Good stories etc. Maybe for some people who do'nt read the lanquage is it complicated.....

    Good for work and house!!

    annabelle op 19-12-2008
    martha stewart really is the charming aunt full off surprises that make life beautifull. when she enters your house, sun begins to sparkle and even being a kitchen queen becomes marvellous. i like martha stewart, she is the creative guardan angel in daily life!
    mariette op 19-11-2004

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