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Cross Stitcher
magazine Cross Stitcher
United Kingdom
19 meningen
Cross Stitcher
Een jaar (13 nrs) voor €194,95
Cross Stitcher is Britain's best-selling cross stitch magazine! It's filled to bursting every month with great projects from the country's best designers, ranging from small and fun beginners' projects to larger, intermediate projects aimed at more experienced stitchers.
Every project comes complete with easy-to-read, black-and-white symbol-based charts and detailed instructions. There's a free stitch kit with every issue too - so if you've not tried cross stitch before, this is the perfect way to get started - while old hands will be delighted with our new and exclusive monthly cover kit designs.
Cross Stitcher is the best place to look if you've got a stitching query. Our team of experts is always here to answer your questions in 'Helpdesk'. You'll also find invaluable information on shopping for charts and kits in our Chartfinder and Kit Reviews sections.
Become a regular reader of Cross Stitcher magazine and you'll instantly be part of Britain's biggest cross stitch club. And with our special subscription offer, it's never been easier or better value for money. Whatever you do though, don't miss Cross Stitcher. We're with you every stitch of the way!

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    Cross Stitcher: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van Cross Stitcher)

    I like the designs. It's fun to get the free gifts. The patterns are very well explained. About de delivery, I do not receive all magazines, I saw it in the bookstore. I see the next magazine but I did not get the one before. If you go to work, you do not always have the attention if you have received a number.
    Smets Esmeralda op 01-04-2016
    I love this magazine. Only in the time of Christmas there are for me to much charts about this time of the year.
    Yvonne op 29-03-2016
    I also love the magazine, the idea's, the paterns it is every month a great pleasure to find the magazine in the mailbox.
    Rijna op 26-09-2014
    Great magazine! Loads of patterns, enjoy it very much. Gifts I like very much too. Delivery is Always O.K.
    Coby op 28-03-2014
    I love to read Cross Stitcher. I love to make the little presents or I'm using them for my needles. Every month I am waiting for the newest edition. I just love it. Only thing which is a bit difficult is that I had a few times that there wasn't a Cross Stitcher for me. Just didn't got it the delivery isn't that great for me. Hope that it will be better soon.
    Rijna op 31-05-2013
    I like it very much. The free gifts are always nice and complete. The projects are very pretty and for everyone.
    Esmeralda op 08-03-2013
    A lot of ideas en original dessins. I 'm looking forward to it every month.Like the free gifts.
    Delivery is always on time
    Nathalie op 03-01-2013
    I like Cross Stitcher very much ,I am looking forward to it every month.
    Linda de Blok op 28-09-2012
    I can't wait till the next issue arrives. It gives me so much fun. Crossstitch in a modern way, bright colours, great ideas. I would recommend it to anybody who loves crossstitch and life!
    Marjan op 09-06-2012
    Cross stitcher is fun to read and I love the idea's for making little presents. Every month I can't wait when it is in the house.
    Rijna op 04-05-2012
    Love the magazine very much...service concerning sending and payment etc. is very much O.K.
    Coby op 16-03-2012
    I like the magazine very much and I look forward for every new issue
    L.de Blok op 30-09-2011
    Very nice magazine, a bit expensive but i got it with a giftcard :) Lots of variation in the patterns and something for all ages!
    Oesja op 01-07-2011
    I love the magazine. It is so full of ideas and inspiration and it has that mdern touch I like so much. It gives my cross stitching a real twist. I can't wait till I find my next copy in my mailbox, alwaus on time!
    Marjan op 20-06-2011
    Elke maand kijk ik uit naar Cross Stitcher, welke mooie leuke borduurpatroontjes er nu weer instaan. Met andere woorden fantastisch dus.
    Judith Otte op 09-05-2011
    I like the magazine. It is always on time. I can not wait to read it when it has arrived.
    There are always good ideas in it. Jou always get a present. It goes with teh seasons,winter, summer, christmas,...
    Esmeralda op 11-02-2011
    love the magazine, I used to buy it, but through the mail is much easier and cheaper, I just wish it would arrive closer to the day it starts selling. now I have to wait 2 to 4 weeks. I always get an answer to my emails.
    Sigrid op 31-12-2010
    I really like it! Delivery is good, haven't missed an issue. Like the extra gifts, and the lovely charts.
    caroline op 15-10-2010
    I like The Cross Stitcher very much and I enjoy it every month when the issue is sitting in my mailbox. The free gifts are very nice and usefull.
    I find only that there are a little too much advertisements in the magazine, but thats the only thing that I don't like!! I have now order also a subscription For The Cross Stitch Collection too and I can't wait untill I recieve the first issue of that.
    Christien Verhoef op 04-06-2010
    I am very happy with it,the uk hase so much moore on the market for crossstitching. sometimes I am jealous.
    Always an answer when I contact the editorship.
    lots of compliments.
    w.m. slob schijf op 23-04-2010
    I still think it's a great magazine! I have received the ones I had missed, the last issue has not yet arrived.... Thanks.
    Coby op 23-04-2010
    Some charts are very nice. I Like the magazine.
    You can choose little and big charts.
    The patterns are clear.
    Coby op 13-11-2009
    I love this magazine. Very great designs and patterns. And always a little unexpected and great surprise.
    op 12-09-2009
    I like CrossStitchers magazine very much and I always look forwards to the next edition. I bought it for a several years at the bookstore bur I'm very content to receive it by post yet. It's a very complete cross stitch magazine.
    PSM Verheul-vd Berg op 08-06-2009
    I like it very much and am very content with the magazine. Patterns are great, gifts too. I am not so content about delivery and communication. I have not received every issue since I have my subscription and have not received an answer to my last mails about the subject.
    Coby op 23-05-2009
    Cross Stitcher is a very good magazine, I like the free gifts, answers to your stitching problems. I like to read about stitching-clubs. The only think I don't like: you can't pay for a subscription when you live abroad. Only with a credit- or visa-card. Not with a IBAN number.
    Margreet op 12-09-2008
    I really love this magazine, it's got all kinds of designs to choose from, there's something brilliant in there every month so my pile of stash is growing quickly, especially with the free kits and handy extras you receive each month too! I can recommend this to anyone that enjoys cross stitching!
    Ester op 12-06-2007
    i like the magazine very much nice charts and good anwers the questions can't wait for the next copy
    ria op 23-12-2005
    i like the magazine very much good awners on your questions and lovely charts can't wait for the next copy
    ria op 23-12-2005
    Some nice charts (but could use more) too many adverts and readers letters!
    The free gifts are nice..
    Livia op 19-11-2004

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