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topper: Patrones
magazine Patrones
19 meningen
Een jaar (12 nrs) voor €224,95
Patrones is a fashion magazine in which every pattern is offered in a natural shape pattern as well as three sizes. The patterns essentially come from Prêt-à-porter fashions and come labelled by the different brands, thus enabling the reader to create her own fashionwear at a much more accessible price. In addition to the patterns, it also provides explanations and cutting plans that arrange the different sections in a manner that allows the reader to save fabrics.

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    Patrones: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van Patrones)

    I Like Patrons. Patterns are easy. I use TheLocal Witheria my daugther.
    SS op 03-10-2019
    I’ve onky ordered two issues of Patrones for curiosities sake. I felt the magazine was delivered in a timely manner and liked some of the patterns. The pattens were in a bigger size than I take, the smallest being a 38 and having minimal understanding of Spanish would make some of the more complicated patterns too challenging. I was aware of previous reviews prior to ordering so was award the pattens weren’t as exciting as what was on offer two to three years ago. Burdastyle has also followed this trend. There are many reasons for me not to buy this but I may unexpectedly decide to buy again in the future. Would be better in English & with sizing starting st 36.
    Heather Ball op 15-02-2019
    I recently discover Patrones and I love the magazine,the only problem is the it's almost impossible to get the magazine in USA.I searched every where and I found global-magazines.com.The service is excellent!
    Natalia Matusova op 29-12-2016
    Good: Very nice magazine.
    Less: I miss the good old haute couture touch though.
    Bad: It takes almost a year to receive the first issue after subscribing, which is very odd.
    Alyaa op 11-11-2016
    Ik vind Patrones een goed magazine, met vernieuwende patronen. Soms wat te veel kleinere maten. Wel wat opstartproblemen gekend, maar ondertussen opgelost. Ik vind het spijtig dat we niet kunnen abonneren met de extra-patrones erbij. Anders heel tevreden mvg
    Micheline Auman op 12-07-2016
    Esta revista me gusta mucho porque sus modelos son actuales.

    Deygia op 01-01-2016
    This is a very good sewing magazine with a range of different sizes, even though I do not speak Spanish I can still manage to follow the patterns, so far I have had no problems with the magazine. It is mailed to my home in Canada and I have already received half of my year subscription without and problems. The patterns are very modern and easy to follow. I look forward to seeing some more designers pattern that other reviews have mentioned. It is a shame we do not have easy access to this magazine in North America, many of my friends will like to purchase it. Very good magazine and customer service is very good when ordering through global magazines.
    Sarah op 18-03-2015
    I first started buying Patrones in Australia a few years ago but, it is a very difficult magazine to get your hands on so I subscribed with Global Magazines and have done so for a couple of years now.
    The designs in the magazine used to be intricate, stylish, challenging and fun, but now year after year, they are getting simpler and less challenging. In fact, I am now considering if the magazine is good value for money or not.
    Dana op 21-02-2015
    excellent service. I had previously had difficulty in obtaining this magazine. I subscribed directly with the Spanish publishes and it was a disaster. My Ivo subscription has gone without a hitch, I can highly recommend them and the magazine is great
    Norma Winch op 25-04-2014
    Delivery/ Customer Service: Global magazines is perfect.
    Patrones: I prefer issues before 2009-10
    beltane op 21-03-2014
    I enjoy receiving Patrones every couple of months but have noticed that they don't have the intricate designs they used to have. The patterns are getting simpler and are not as challenging as they used to be. If Patrones doesn't get any better, I will cancel my subscription.
    Danalmg op 21-02-2014
    The patterns are very fashion forward. The magazine comes on time every month here in the U.S. thank you!
    Allison Page op 09-12-2013
    If I would have received all the magazines I paid for it would be great but I received 3 magazines only. I love the magazine itself though.
    H.B. op 20-09-2013
    Ik heb al heel wat jaren een abonnement op dit blad de laatste paar jaar is het blad aanmerkelijk dunner geworden.
    De pasvorm van de patronen zijn heel goed.
    In het begin waren er nogal wat problemen met de bezorging echter de laatste tijd is het blad altijd op tijd en kun je van op aan dat het blad voor het einde van de maand bezorgd is.
    marianne boslooper op 11-03-2013
    Ik vind Patrones een prima blad en werk er graag mee. Wel vind ik de ontwerpen wat minder spectaculair dan ze waren.
    Hanneke Lamers
    Hanneke Lamers op 14-01-2013
    I think Patrones is very good, the patterns are nice and they fit well. I like the magazine as a whole.
    1. It is difficult for me to find the correct size since I am nordic, and therfore do not use the small south-european sizes.
    2. I admit that even though I am pleased with the patterns, I liked the old Patrones even better.
    Best Regards,
    Borghildur Ingvarsdóttir
    Borghildur Ingvarsdóttir op 11-01-2013
    Ik heb nu sinds 2 jaar een abonnement op patrones. ik vind het blad veranderd t.o.v. een aantal jaren geleden. Het is letterlijk en figuurlijk een dun blad geworden. De patronen zijn nog van dezelfde goede kwaliteit, maar de modellen zijn voor een steeds kleiner publiek.En daarmee minder te gebruiken als basis(- altijd goed-)modellen.
    Toch zit er elke keer wel 1 bruikbaar patroon voor me bij, waardoor ik weer in de verleiding kom mijn abonnement te verlengen.
    Ik ben het met een eerdere reactie : het zou fijn zijn per nummer te kunnen bestellen of een abonnement te kunnen op alleen de Patrones Extra.

    Tot slot heeft de bezorging wel wat problemen opgeleverd, een tijdje geleden, maar dat is goed opgelost.
    Mieke op 04-09-2012
    I discovered Patrones a little over a year ago now, & absolutely LOVE it! It is very difficult to find copies of this magazine in Australia, & only stumbled upon it by chance, as most newsagents here do not sell it. Having recently treated myself to an annual subscription, I am now enjoying receiving it on a regular basis. It is a fantastic magazine with some absolutely gorgeous designs, & I usually make at least one item from each magazine (& often more!)
    I totally recommend this magazine to anyone considering buying a subscription!
    Marilyn Curd op 07-06-2012
    I ordered a one issue to see if I would like to subscribe to this magazine. I liked the designs but the sizes were mostly too small for me.It would be nice if there was a version in English.
    M.W. op 31-01-2012
    I have found beautiful designs in this magazine and overall I'm very satisfied with it. The customer service and delivery get a 10/10.
    B.N. op 14-01-2012
    I,am glad that I can sew from Patrones
    hanneke lamers op 14-01-2012
    ik vond het blad leuk om uit te proberen al had ik er wel wat meer van verwacht als ik heel eerlijk ben,ik heb mijn abonnement inmiddels ook opgezegd.
    wendy op 18-11-2011
    De bezorging en de afhandeling van het abonement is prima. Er waren wat opstartproblmen maar dat is tot tevredenheid opgelost. De inhoud wordt de laatste tijd wat minder interessant. Ik merk ook dat ik voor mezelf steeds minder patronen gebruik. Kan natuurlijk met mijn (veranderende) smaak te maken hebben. Het blad is voor de liefhebber zeer aan te bevelen.
    Joke Boukema op 01-10-2011
    I have been receiving Patrones now for almost a year and love the magazine. The Patrones magazines has a excellent mixture of patterns, and I have made several from a couple of issues.

    For a while I was not receiving the issues regularly. Global Magazines has been excellent at resolving the shipping issues that I've had. As of the last couple of months the magazines have been arriving on schedule. Global Magazines has been very customer oriented and have resolved all of my shipping issues in an extremely timely manner.

    Global Magazines has been excellent to work with. I'm looking forward to continuing my subscription thru them.

    If not for the shipping issues I would
    Cass Sewell op 12-07-2011
    I know and use Patrones already for a few years.The patterns fits very well and are young and modern.Very trendy!But to be honest I found it better a few years ago. Its also a pity we get it a month to late.
    Myriam Smolders op 19-02-2011
    Delivery/ Customer Service: Great, I found Global magazines to be very service oriented with quick response time and good customer relations. The magazine was packed well and arrived approximately in 4-6 month to Canada.
    I like Patrones. The patterns are just in time. I would be very happy if the sewing instruction can be in English. I think Patrones pattern better size wise then Burda.
    Overall, I would highly recommend this magazine to everyone who love to sew and for tailors

    tatyana op 04-02-2011
    I had to wait nearly a year to get the first Patrones magazine after my subscription with Global Magazines (from october 2009 to august 2010). The problem has been with Patrones, the people at Global Magazines have been very nice and helpful. Now the magazines arrive on time.
    Patrones changed completely; the magazine is thiner (the number of patterns has been reduced) and there are no more designer patterns (the touch of class has completely gone). That's very regrettable, as I considered this magazine always as something special.
    Martine, Luxembourg op 04-02-2011
    This magazine has 40-60 designs each month. Very much cutting edge fashion. I have found at least 2-3 styles each month to sew. I use the regular and also the plus size patterns, which are just as cute as their regular size patterns. I have found their separate plus size issue (not included in the subscription) to be dowdy and full of repeat patterns. They don't have the top-drawer designers any more, but still loads of fashionable wearable designs. This magazine is different than Burda in that every design is completely different, whereas Burda tends to have several minor variations on each design.
    Jane Estes op 08-01-2011
    Delivery/ Customer Service: Awesome, I found Global magazines to be very service oriented with quick response time and good customer relations. The magazine was packed well and arrived quickly (delivery was to Australia).

    Contents: I used to love Patrones for the designer/couture patterns and the number of patterns (100+) but it seems now that they only have a few patterns each month and most are not designer labels. They also seem to waste a fair amount of space on plus size patterns which annoys me because they actually have a separate plus size edition. I have also found that the fit seems to vary from pattern to pattern and therefore fitting and muslin making/mocks are required.

    Tj op 18-12-2010
    I had heard good things about Patrones magazine on various sewing forums I use so decided to order a trial copy. I found it to be very like Burda or Knip Mode in format, although there are probably less patterns. I have not made anything up out of this magazine yet but found the instructions simple (and I have very little Spanish) and the styling to be very fashion forward. The delivery was very fast. Overall, I would highly recommend this magazine.
    KJL op 14-12-2010
    I like Patrones. The patterns are just in time. I would be very happy if the sewing instruction can be in English. I think Patrones pattern are the Best in time. But I mean that the time from the publication till I receive the Magazin is too long, about 4 seems.
    Kirsten Frandsen op 10-12-2010
    I really miss the haute couture patterns of the great labels. That's the exual reason I wanted it. But because of the better explanations (I'm dutch) , I still kind of like it. Hopefully there will come some more advanced clothing patterns.

    modevakschoolleerling ENSAID op 31-10-2010
    Patrones is erg goed magazine met een zeer eigentijds aanbond van patronen met een uitstekende pasvorm.
    Het raderblad is erg overzichtelijk en duidelijk.
    Het blad wordt door mij en de cursisten al vele jaren met plezier gebruikt
    modeschool couture marianne boslooper op 08-10-2010
    Ik vind het een erg goed magazine, de patronen zijn heel goed van pasvorm, het is alleen erg jammer dat het hier in Holland niet meer te verkrijgen is zover ik weet.
    Ik zou het prettig vinden als ik bij u per nummer kon bestellen, of alleen de 4 patrones extra die elk jaar uitkomen.
    Met vr. groet, Diny Kelder v/d Berg
    Oude Steeg 26
    7863 PG Gees
    e-mail: jankelder53@hotmail.com
    Diny Kelder op 16-09-2009
    This is a very good patternbook.
    Very easy to use and the patterns are modern. and for young and older person.
    Mevr Thelen
    modevakschool zippy op 18-04-2009

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