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Entertainment weekly
magazine Entertainment weekly
5 meningen
Entertainment weekly
Een jaar (22 nrs) voor €277,50
Get a front row seat for the latest on movies, TV, music, and more, with Entertainment Weekly's award-winning news, reviews, and feature stories. Each issue goes behind the scenes to deliver you the buzz, the biz, and the best in entertainment news-every week!

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    Entertainment weekly: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van Entertainment weekly)

    The magazine itself is fantastic - it covers everything from TV to movies, books, music and even comics. The delivery itself can be quite erratic but it is understandable and worth it for the quality of the publication. They get exclusives and cover movies way before they hit the pop culture mainstream
    Oliver op 17-08-2018
    All things American in the Entertainment world cocered in one magazine...I've subscribed for over 20 years. The delivery service is sometimes erratic, but on the whole OK.
    Phil Chandler op 11-05-2018
    If you like all things American TV< film and Music then this is the magazine for you! Great service too.
    Russell op 16-03-2018
    Great magazine, I have subscribed for many years. the best mag for news on Film, TV, also book reviews, and general entertainment news.
    op 26-05-2017
    I don't know what to say. At the beginning it was not good. I had to wait for my numbers very long (more than a month) and they didn't come regularly. But last month they come to me very fast (14 days - is it fast?) and regularly. So I have mixed feelings. I like the magazine and what i can read inside so I'm thinking about renewing my subscription for next year.
    Gosia op 22-08-2016
    Very good service. Recommended
    Mark Elliott op 31-10-2015
    Fantastic magazine and great delivery/cost. They do some brilliant exclusive covers and their coverage spreads across book to all the hot new American shows. Well worth it.
    Oliver Dyson op 07-08-2015
    love the mag... very good service... Will definitly renew my subscription with you.
    Franco Busatta op 22-05-2015
    Great magazine and very good service. Really happy with how this works and very grateful your company delivers to the UK. Will keep subscribing.
    Mark Elliott op 17-11-2014
    It is a such delight whenever I see that a new EW has arrived - a wonderful magazine full of well written and witty commentary that keeps me up to date on all things entertainment. It arrives to me regularly in Vietnam, with only small delays from the publication date. This is a great service!
    Cathy op 11-11-2014
    Brilliant magazine which keeps you updated on everything going on in the entertainment industry.
    Fred op 18-06-2014
    I love EW it gives complete coverage of film/tv/music/books & showbiz gossip for the USA. Delivery to the UK could be quicker, but on the whole I'm happy with the mag & the service!
    Phil Chandler op 31-01-2014
    Quick delivery, I'm verry happy with the service..
    I would only found it better if I could see the cover when I select an EW, because I'm not shure if I got the one I want, that's all I think should change.
    Roos op 08-11-2013
    I am very happy with the delivery service, the timing and the condition of the magazine. I cannot imagine not receiving this magazine. Our family reads every page. I depend on EW for my entertainment news. Belief is or not, not all news comes online.
    Jane op 11-10-2013
    I've had EW on subscription for nearly 2 years now and I couldn't be happier. Sure, there are some occasions when 2 issues arrive at the same time, but on the whole, I'm very happy with Global Magazines delivery of this fantastic magazine.
    Ray op 11-10-2013
    Magazine is EW ... enough said! Global Magazine's subscription handling and Ivo's service is second to none! Can only highly recommend!
    Mogens Andersen op 16-08-2013
    Magazines arrive regularly - brilliant service. Entertainment weekly, is, well, very entertaining. Brilliant pictures and reviews on the latest books, movies, tv shows etc. Really interesting interviews. Recommended.
    HelenB op 11-06-2013
    Excellent service and always a very interesting read
    Lorraine op 03-03-2013
    I have been receiving this excellent magazine for 2 years and if you are interested in all things American TV, film, Music and books then this is a great gift. The service is prompt, the magazine arrives in excellent condition. First class service all round.
    Russell op 29-01-2013
    This is a great magazine, I've been subscribing for years, first directly from the magazine, then through another company, but global-magazines gets it to me in South Africa twice as fast as anyone else could. Very happy!
    Trevor op 16-11-2012
    This is absolutely my favourite magazine and so glad I've found a way to get it delivered to my door in the UK (even though I'm on EW.com every day!). They have some fantastic and intelligent writers and columnists, and I feel they cover every corner of American (as well as some British and international) pop culture. Delivery is a bit sporadic - sometimes I get two or three a week after a drought - but to be honest I never feel like I'm waiting because there's so much great content in the magazines to get through!
    Nat op 24-08-2012
    As I have written in my other review I renewed my subscription to Entertainment Weekly via Global Magazines and I am still very satisfied. Delivery service is great and customer service is superb. I am looking forward to each issue!
    Patrick op 04-08-2012
    Entertainment Weekly is an excellent magazine. But excellent photogrphs, original articles often written by the stars themselves. Entertainment Weekly is for me the best, the most update and most origininal on its articles. Its a MUST!!! The only thing is: while reading this magazine I discover so many movies I would like to see, so many books I'd like to read and shows I want to visit: the supply is so overwhelming, I need an extra life and a doubling of my salary just to keep up with everything I want to enjoy.
    Ralph op 03-08-2012
    Great magazine and excellent delivery service to Germany. Thanks a lot! I will definitely continue my subscription.
    Patrick op 04-09-2011
    Love the magazine - perfect blend of movies, TV and everything pop culture. It's the only magazine I read. Gets delivered to Australia in about 3.5 weeks and it never goes missing. A lot faster and more efficient than getting it from EW themselves (they only offer surface mail, not air mail). And Ivo does a fantastic job in replying to any queries. Keep up the great work guys!

    added by Global Magazines: thanks for the compliments Peter. However, 3.5 weeks is not acceptable for us as it's supposed to take about 10 days. That's the deal we made. So we're going to find out quickly how to improvide this. In the mean time I will upgrade you tp priority. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to constantly improve ourselves!! Ivo
    Peter op 14-08-2011
    Love the magazine, Love the service. Will definitly renew my subscription with you.
    Jammyb op 13-08-2011
    I am very pleased with the magazines. They arrive as good as regularly from the US. Sometimes i get 2 at the same time, but mostly every week 1 issue. Not bad for a magazine which travels from the US to the Netherlands.
    Recommended service!

    Angelique op 02-04-2011
    I am very happy with the service - magazines arrive regularly from the US with minimal delay between issue release and arrival in the UK.
    Recommended service!
    Ian Carney op 20-08-2010

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