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Vanity Fair USA
topper: Vanity Fair USA
magazine Vanity Fair USA
5 meningen
Vanity Fair USA
Een jaar (12 nrs) voor €192,50
Included: Free acces to digital edition on iPad or tablet!
Vanity Fair Magazine is perhaps the pre-eminent magazine commenting on the American scene today. Vanity Fair focuses on literature, art, fashion, politics and the unusual personality, and is devoted to readers who are interested in contemporary society and culture. Regular features include photo essays and interviews with leaders in the entertainment industry; book, film, and music reviews, and some of the most compelling political writing available anywhere.

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    Vanity Fair USA: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van Vanity Fair USA)

    For more than 2 decades I have been reading Vanity Fair with great pleasure. The quality and depth of the articles, the beautiful photos and diversity in topics are really making VF unique.
    Jennifer op 14-04-2020
    I love how the articles go from in depth interviews to Entertainment Figures to intriguing art or history cases. Plus the photography is just beautiful to see. I read it from top to bottom.
    Bruny op 06-07-2019
    I subscribed to Vanity Fair when it was restablished in the 1980's. It's an informative magazine with a wide array of great articles covering politics, art, human interest, books and more. I read it cover to cover. Plus I'm a big fan of Graydon Carter.
    Jay Hoskot op 04-01-2017
    I love Vanity Fair and I read it from cover to cover, for all the reasons the magazine has to offer.. What more can I say.
    Léonie van Spaendonck op 30-12-2016
    It took a long time to activate and get the first issue delivered, but once it happened it has been regular and not one problem.....
    Well done...
    The magazine its self is always informative and full of wonderful people stories and colour...love it.

    Margaret op 15-10-2016
    Very interesting articles --- informative --- great pictures --- love the editors notes !
    Always look forward to the arrival of the magazine .
    Dagmar - Switzerland
    Dagmar op 24-06-2016
    Great service
    Richard op 06-05-2016
    VF always lives up to my expectations. Have read the odd issue here and there over the years but this is only the second year I have had a subscription. The only thing that grates is seeing the vastly reduced price paid for a subscription in the USA. We are really discriminated against here in Australia when it comes to pricing. The delivery service is very reliable.
    Fran op 01-04-2016
    The magazine is excellent and delivery is even better. all recommendations!
    Dejan op 26-02-2016
    it's delightful, it's lovely...it's delicious !!
    Léonie op 01-01-2016
    read it cover to cover every month!
    Maureen Richardson op 28-06-2015
    My issue comes every issue consistently and in great condition - I look forward to it each month. From it's crafted, polished imagery to it's breadth of content (all newsworthy, all entertaining) it's a highlight of my month.
    Melissa Gardi op 05-06-2015
    Having read the above comments I now understand that I was not alone when I tried to access a subscription to the USA edition of VF and was only offered the UK edition which I did not want. Global Magazines came to the rescue and I am very happy with their service. Thanks Ivo.
    Fran Powell op 12-04-2015
    Love Love Vanity Fair and was a subscriber in USA for approximately 20 years. I moved to Australia and was disappointed that Conde Nast would only provide me the UK version. Was very pleased that Global Magazines could provide me the desired USA Version.

    JayBee op 28-01-2015
    Having travelled extensively to the US and lived there for short bursts of time for many years, I found it incredibly frustrating to have my request for a subscription to the US version of the magazine be automatically transformed to a request for the UK version by the UK office without recourse to me - the subscriber !! Thank goodness I found Global Magazines, who not only honoured my request to subscribe to the US version, but who also deal promptly and efficiently with any delivery issues - not that there have been too many of those over the last 3 years, but the few that have occurred have been swiftly dealt with - well done Ivo !!!
    CK op 16-01-2015
    full of diverse, informative, entertainng articles. not your typical glossy mag.
    amy op 28-11-2014
    I love getting VF every month.It is entertaining and -I hope - quite in its journalism to be trusted.
    Léonie op 29-08-2014
    VF is a great read every month particularly for someone like me who visited the US regularly over many years. It provides an interesting insight to aspects of American life that is both diverse and entertaining.
    Maureen Richardson op 19-07-2014
    Excellent publication !
    Current, informative and extremely well researched.
    Erudite writing with a good variety of articles. Caters for a variety of tastes
    Anna Cohen op 06-07-2014
    Have read it for years keeps me informed of things in USA.
    Faye op 15-06-2014
    A good variety of subject matters covered in articles which seem to be well researched. I feel I would enjoy the balance of the magazine more if I was Jewish.
    Peter McCahon op 13-12-2013
    Great magazine-interesting and often insightful articles. rather heavy on the advertising though...
    Caro op 17-11-2013
    A good read and keeps me up to date on things in USA and other places of interest.
    Faye op 11-08-2013
    Love it. Great articles and love the high end advetising although I can only dream about owning Gucci et al.

    Hilary op 02-08-2013
    Love love love Vanity Fair. It has smart and entertaining articles. I look forward to it every month.
    Lee op 23-04-2013
    Fu by entertainingg fullly informative. I like the exceptional quality of Photos and interviews. However my favorite is the Editor note What you want more?

    Giancarlo Logroscino op 08-11-2012
    Great articles by intelligent journalists. A good mix of political and social articles plus love the high end advertising. I might not be able to buy what their selling but boy they look good.
    Hilary op 04-09-2012
    VF is wonderful written and has interesting articles about various subjects.
    I can recommend this to everyone.
    SvL op 15-08-2012
    a wonderful magazine for non Americans to gain a picture of affulent American life and mores. Always entertaining and interesting with many articles filling in the blanks on cultural and social issues. Love it!
    Hugh Richardson op 29-07-2012
    Vanity Fair is een uitgesproken interessant blad, met diepgaande artikelen, reportages, boek-, filmbesprekingen, mode zeer uiteenlopend, maar altijd met diepgang en humor. Zeer de moeite waard. Jammer alleen dat bezorging vaak te wensen overlaat.
    Ineke Buitenkant op 29-03-2012
    Geniet er enorm van. Jammer dat er zoveel in staat dus tijdverslindend, maar ik heb het er graag voor over.Geen wonder dat het tijschrift al bijna 100 jaar bestaat. Uitstekende journalistiek, van alles wat, héérlijk.
    LÉONIE op 10-02-2012
    Really good magazine. Interesting articles and amazing photos. I'm amazed about how many interesting people has VF as collaborations.
    My wife loves it also so when it comes every month, we both want to be the first to read it.
    op 02-09-2011
    VF is very interesting. Every month I am looking forward to it!

    KML op 09-07-2010
    Quite interesting artticles, a little to much on the adds front. Beautiful pictures. But a very entertaining and insightful magazine
    Regina A. Buitenkant op 30-04-2010
    Vanity Fair is, as far as I am concerned, one of the most informative, entertaining, funny and complete magazines that I know. Every month you can find an entire range of articles, whether you want to read about politics, art, the beau monde of the world, books, you name it, it's all there. I would recommend Vanity Fair to anybody who wants to read a magazine that is not just hollywood gossip and the latest fashion.
    Cynthia op 03-09-2008

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