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Scientific American: Beoordelingen en meningen

(Klik hier voor het aanvragen van Scientific American)

breed scala aan actuele onderwerpen. Echter zijn de artikelen iets te algemeen geschreven naar mijn smaak. Dit leest niet perse onplezierig, maar voor details ben ik genoodzaakt elders te zoeken.
Kees__W op 15-01-2018
Artikelen van goed wetenschappelijk niveau
E.R. Nieuwland op 22-11-2017
Fine magazine. Pity SA defends the disproved hypothesis of human induced climate change.
op 18-08-2017
I can use a lot of material that appears in Scientific American in my lessons at Cygnus Gymnasium in Amsterdam (High School). Articles offering a general view on the scientific state of the art and more specifically with regard to Astronomy, are very valuable and accessible for my interested pupils in the matter.
Jose Carlos Caballero op 31-12-2016
Regularly in house. Always looking forward to the following edition. Good mix of many interesting fields of science and also of impact on society.
Anoniem op 20-08-2016
Vaak goede artikelen over actuele onderwerpen.
Gevarieerde onderwerpen uit wetenschap.
E.R. Nieuwland op 04-12-2014
A vert. Interesting magazine. I hope we van endotherm it fora long time
D. Coorens - v/ der krieke op 28-08-2013
SA provides a wide range of useful up to date scientific information. I am sorry to notice a fairly alarmist point of view regarding the by now debunked AGW-hypothesis. This is clearly not a scientific attitude.
Hetzler op 26-07-2013
Very interesting magazine to stay informed about the newest discoveries in science and environmental problems.
Alex Mans op 13-04-2013
Generally I like the articles very much, they give a wide variety of information and are of very good standard. Normally I receive the magazine regularly with some exceptions.
E.R. Nieuwland op 05-11-2012
pro: Wide range of topics that keep you well informed
contra: suspect bias regarding anthropogenic global warming
Jeroen Hetzler op 19-08-2011
SA gives one an overview of what is going on in the scientific community. In today’s busy world that's just what you need to keep up.
most of the articles are very legible. Occasionally I'll come across one that I find needs more concentration. Overall the quality is good and an objective reporting style seems inherent to the magazine. In short, I hope the editors keep up the good work!

Paul Hamaker op 24-06-2011
Voordeel: interessante onderwerpen met vaak duidelijke illustraties.
pro's: a lot of interesting topics with clear illustrations.

Nadeel: er zit erg veel reclame in
Con's: too much advertisement.

Do you like science, energy, space or nanotechnology, then maybe you are interested
Jonker op 14-06-2011
Lots of frontline scientific info. Very good, love to read it.
Hans op 31-12-2010
When I was a student (forty years ago) I sometimes read an article in the sciam. In my opinion the explanations are now somewhat more superficial. I also remember those elaborate puzzles for witch I had no time to solve.
Nevertheless sciam is still worth while to read.
F.G.M. de Graauw op 20-08-2009
SA is a great magazine that I usually read for entertainment. It is great to stay up to date with latest scientific developments whilst at the same time reading a lot of interesting "did you know that..." stories.
What I don't like is the agressive marketing policy; I move around the world a lot and frequently change address. as a result I often do not receive SA for months and sometimes get a whole stack of them together with re-possession threats because I did not pay the bill for next year in time. I would very much like an option to subscribe just for the period you pay for, without the need to cancel, just to renew after a timely renewal notice.
Frans Hermsen, Borneo op 06-06-2009
SA is one magazine that is eagerly awaited in my household. I always learn something fascinating in each issue and there is always plenty of food for thought. The articles are extremely well-written and researched. Usually, they are technical enough without being too technical. Occasionally, an article gets too mumbo-jumbo and I stop reading it, but that is the exception. The mag has a great website, too. My husband and I are always saying to one another, "Did you see that article in this month's Scientific American?" The mag has sparked many great conversations.
Kevin op 12-09-2008

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