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Bestelformulier Bell'Italia (uw privacy) (Onze garantie)
magazine Bell'Italia
2 meningen
Een jaar (12 nrs) voor €119,95
Bell'Italia Magazine is a travel magazine that offers people who are passionate about Italy and all things Italian, detailed information about the country's art, architecture, history, culture, food, and wine. Bell'Italia brings readers the real Italy and introduces them to the less familiar areas of the country, as well as the popular destinations of the country. With extraordinary photographs and informative articles, Bell'Italia give readers a special perspective on the unique places and culture of Italy and its regions.

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  • Bestelmogelijkheden abonnement Bell'Italia
    PrijsPrijs per nrAantal nrsBezorging 
    €119,95€10,0012Rest of World

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    Bell'Italia: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van Bell'Italia)

    Geen op- of aanmerkingen. Alles perfect geregeld. In alle opzichten een mooi blad voor fans van Italië.
    Johan Jansen op 13-08-2015
    A revista é OPTIMA! Artigos curtos, variados, e bem feitos. Fotografias de enorme qualidade. Noticias sobre museus, gastronomia, exposições, arqueologia e outros assuntos. Vou todos os anos passear por Itália e visitei vários locais devido aos artigos publicados. É um prazer receber a revista todos os meses. Parabéns ao Director!

    Fernando Neto op 27-09-2013
    A revista Bell"Italia é linda, muito bem escrita, com fotos belíssimas, não somente das cidades, mas das deslumbrantes paisagens da Itália, há uma riqueza de detalhes, principalmente quando refere-se à arquitetura de museus, palácios e castelos, pois apresentam encartes com mapas e desenhos internos. É uma revista colorida, leve de fácil leitura e ao mesmo tempo cultural. Eu adoro!
    "The magazine Bell 'Italia is beautiful, very well written with nice photos, not only of the cities, but the stunning landscapes of Italy, there is a wealth of detail, especially when refers to the architecture of museums, palaces and castles, they add booklets with maps and drawings inside it. The magazine is colorful, lightweight, and easy to read and at the same time cultural. I love it!"
    "La rivista Bell 'Italia è bella, molto bene scritta, con belle foto, non solo delle città, ma i paesaggi di Italia, vi è una ricchezza di dettagli, soprattutto quando si riferisce all'architettura dei musei, palazzi e castelli, in quanto presentano opuscoli con mappe e disegni all'interno. La rivista è colorata, leggera, facile da leggere e allo stesso tempo culturale. Mi piace molto! "
    MIRIAN HUCK op 20-05-2013
    The articles about museums and exhibitions are really useful in helping me to decide what I want to see when I visit Italy. The photographs are beautiful and I particularly like the detailed 3d drawings of the structure of buildings.
    Karen op 09-04-2013
    I have still the same opinion as the preceding years. It is a wonderfull magazine, it makes you anxious to visit all those places. And the information of those places is very good.

    C.A. Engel-van Amersfoort 22-12-2012
    C.A. Engel-van Amersfoort op 21-12-2012

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