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Welcome to Pink Parenting Magazine! The Premier Parenting Magazine designed for the LGBT community that are either interested in having children or already have them.With modern life comes the modern family as many gay and lesbian couples seek to fulfil their biological needs of having a family. Pink Parenting is here to do just that. Bringing you everything you need to start a family from surrogacy options, adoption and the legal aspects of being a modern family to what's the best stroller out there on the market.Regular features include a "We Love” (the latest news, reviews, gifts, gadgets & gizmos) section, Book & Child Friendly Product reviews, Annabel Karmel of CITV’s Annabel’s Kitchen is a regular "Cooking with Kids & Child Nutrition” contributor, Q&A’s brought to you by celebrities, authors, attorneys and real people regarding their journeys, thoughts & legal advice on Pink Parenting, and a fantastic travel section aimed at time away for two as well as travelling with the kids to gay friendly destinations.Other features include Emma Cannon; Bestselling Author ‘The Baby Making Bible’ & ‘You and Your Bump’ is also a contributor on Pregnancy Health. Additional information and other advice brought to you by Doctors, Top Parenting Professionals and Industry Specialists.The style of the magazine is high colour, high gloss and quality paper to finish off its clean, sleek & trendy design making it the Premier Gay Fashionable Parenting Magazine and a definite one of its kind!

Pink Parenting

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