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European Security
magazine European Security
United Kingdom

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European Security
Een jaar (4 nrs) voor €429,95
European Security is a forum for discussing challenges and approaches to security within the region as well as for Europe in a global context. The journal seeks to publish critical analyses of policies and developments in European institutions and member states, their relations with European and other immediate neighbours, and their relations with the wider world, including other regional and international organisations. It is also interested in non-European perspectives on Europe in a global context.
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    European Security: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van European Security)

    organisation .I was the manger . .my organisation free .independent .not belong to any one .For example .when this evil organisation of mind control became appear .or grow . .its begin to control on many civil organisations or whom it saw important . To made them as serves to it .by throw money to them like cattle .and those one bite another to take it ..this time was beginning of this evil organisation in Iraq ..those success .but with me not .For example it prevent any organisation from visit .any basic of coalition troops .In all Iraq just if it give order only .also no one talk about any thing like curreption that spread in Iraq because this evil org .also no one open his mouth . Also change thier aims to political or sector .this evil org wanted to control on any thing . But I didn't care .I did what I want . There for hide war against me start ..In this time collation troops in Iraq ..and this evil organisation didn't dare to use its gangs like what do now .but they use others ways
    . 2/ like use what it have from security positions. . To spy on .me .on my phone and email .also like the laws let all Iraq .Abd still just watch me and my organisation .Every day I find some one come to me asking about my legal permission .of my organisation . Many departments so far from aby legal authority .They said .They want know . Also I submitted a projects like others civil organisations .but no accepted .It . For example you hear about unops and un organisations else all those come to Iraq to help this country to build democracy . .but those didn't know what happened behind the door .and how mind control gangs .became controlled on a lot of organization .and they let just whom became servant to them . Strength him ..to be good organisation and cheated this international organisation . Other wise .tell them bad report about my organisation . Like lies rumors .or its weak .but in reverse in strongest organisation . I reached to a point .that government itself can't comptited with by what I have from active. Also no political party also . In spite I didn't give any money and all whom with me volunteer only .I reach also to a point that if I change my aim and enter election .I will win .and take all sets alone . ..this my friend .Some thing unlike to this mind control organisation . They still steal any project 3/ from Me .my email and my phone .Under spy .also they use dealing with whom weak in my members to start war from inside my organisation .also they use my family also .cause I am just little poor .didn't have any home I live with my family .even I have any thing I can put the documents or important paper in some thing I can close it ..All time I feel like some one came to search in this documents .when I went .also press like indirect war. . Any one I borrow from him some thing .They go to him to let him worry about what I took. Also one I lead volunteer team to observe election .I hear from some of this team that they came to them saying I took money .when I observed ... this they didn't .to confuse the trust between me and whom with me . .or I am not equal between them . Also the make problems between my members .using so shameful ways .The personal relation .to make one hate another .else from this evil ways but no use .I still achieved more and more and didn't give loyalty to terrorism ...then they use kill attempt .many attempt in really this effected so much .why cause I am not chief of gang or group can stand And face a gang . . Also I am just poor don't have any money to sale gun .In this time unfortunately .The brothers in coalitions troops leave Iraq .after they did thier Misson 4/ as the legal document that they come by it . To Iraq . This was ugliest nightmare for me . Cause it come by top secret battle between me and those gang .I reach to a point . To stop .Cause any more step will be danger on whom with me .. this gang celebration by collation leave . And consider it victory ..and as I expect .The arm gang appeared ..and show it's power ..I said I must never risk by whom with me life . And what flowers I will plants in Iraq ..to be under the feet of those killers . And I still watch ..I decided to close my organisation also because no money also .. how I wished to Iraq became like kwuiet .when this country became like one body .people and government .and built thier county .whith thier friends coalition troops .that became brother to those people .but in this county no plaque of mind control gangs .that I don't know from any he'll they come .Some thing Satan born in Iraq .what bad luck of Iraq . .Iraq like some one walk in desert to more than 30 years . Looking for water .And suddenly he saw a lake from far .and he fasted .and became dream by future .and what he will do ..but this great luck faced by great bad luck also .Satan come to steal it .and this Iraq who walk and run away from slavery to look for freedom .he didn't test it .just few years of dreaming .waking by voice 6/ of Satan chain .to return slave as he was .In past was in slaved by his body only but now he lose his body and mind also . It's truth . This gang now rule as a king in Iraq it's branches every where in Iraq .then this not still in Iraq .but this gang . Became send it mercenary to out side Iraq .to damage .as what I did in Iraq especially to European countries .and what poor of this world my friend .They think in Iraq government . But they didn't .its like bitch to this gang ..cover it . And hide . I saw this clearly .when this gang attacked France . I instantly inform un ..but my friend . My voice echo on wall only ..and if there any one take what I said .do you .That I can saved Belgium but no one take .After this .This gangs became show it's power attacked usa and Russia and Germany and Turkey and England .rain of evil . . But I think something give hope from .. interpol have good group also . Few others . I think they circled Iraq ..cause it's so clear ...this organisation no any legal to it .travel out side . Cause it's taken security position in Iraq .. .its reward itself by this position .cause it's was in secret struggle against coalition troops ..and thier friends .and coalition troops .end it's mission in Iraq .They said .They achieve victory . .There for its reward itself by security positions . .this 7/ the became like police exactly . No right to it .to go any country ..to open police station for example . This point I gave it to the friends in interpol .and in real friends those deserve thanks .You can do this instead of me .. .. no lesson with out price I hate this rule .but it's like medicine .you must bear bitter ...
    I wish I add to you more reason of mind control . I know a lot of victims sent you messages . And your you answear so great .but just this cause I think you didn't know . .gang use it as arm . . But this In Iraq only ..no any place by the way some of victims sending to Me thinking I am specialist in mind control ..I couldn't tell them why I am against those ..Some said they slaved him for sex or else ..this so so small thing compare by what great danger of mind control gangs in Iraq . It's became gang rule county . Do you know I told many Iraq parliament members and government departments against this gang .do you what reaction .They laugh only .All whom I informed shut on them self .and take of thier tongue . .. I go to health department .In diwaniya and invited for meeting to discuss mind control .this gang just shake thier heads to them ..deleted this .After thy accepted .look how much damage in Iraq ..I am alone now .In Iraq But I never .sureeended .They use the chip on my brain to spy 8/ to spy on me .and know what I planing against them . Even this message ...But what good in this matter .that their arms cutting from out side .thier conspiracy didn't complete ..They just control in Iraq only . And thier sleeping nets out side I think it's end or freeze itself ..The dream of Satan didn't come true
    Thanks friends
    a op 29-03-2018

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