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Bestelformulier Bloomberg BusinessWeek (uw privacy) (Onze garantie)
Bloomberg BusinessWeek
topper: Bloomberg BusinessWeek
magazine Bloomberg BusinessWeek
2 meningen
Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Een jaar (50 nrs) voor €264,95
Businessweek is een van de meest invloedrijke tijdschriften voor zakelijk nieuws. Het signaleert en analyseert de trends en de persoonlijkheden die het verschil maken in de hedendaagse zakelijke wereld. Het magazine belicht en verheldert compliceerde onderwerpen altijd op enthousiaste wijze en vertelt lezers wat zij moeten weten over de business wereld.
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    PrijsPrijs per nrAantal nrsBezorging 
    €324,95€6,5050ASIA, M.EAST & OCEANIA
    €309,95€6,2050EUROPE (EAST)
    €299,95€6,0050EUROPE (WEST)
    €292,50€5,8550SOUTH-CENTRAL AMERICA
    €259,95€5,2050Great Britain (UK and N. Ireland)
    €284,95€5,7050New Zealand

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    Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

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    AlbertAwake op 11-06-2018
    BW still gives very good coverage on many topics and industries. Design has gone out of hand. It does not add anything, it's desidng for design.
    Gerard de Gier op 27-12-2013
    Business Week appeals to me for two main reasons:

    1. It approaches business and many other aspects closely connected for a perspective that is relevant to the situation of Western Europ.
    2. I spend an important part of my youth in the USA and am interested in broad development, which i believe are also relevant to the future of Western Europe.
    S.P.Goudsmit op 29-12-2012
    BW gives me a very good inside in totally different topics. They have to be carefull not to go too far with lay-outs etc.
    Gerard D. de Gier op 14-05-2011

    In my opinion Business Week achieves a good balance between information and opinion from a broad USA. perspective. The subject matter is broader than
    just Business, both political and trendsetting subjects are often covered. The layout and quality is generally good.
    S.P.Goudsmit op 06-04-2011

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