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Bestelformulier US Weekly (uw privacy) (Onze garantie)
US Weekly
magazine US Weekly
2 meningen
US Weekly
Een jaar (52 nrs) voor €277,50
US Weekly Magazine is the pictorial with an insider's look at entertainment, political and sports personalities. Each issue of US Weekly offers interviews with actors, musicians and newsmakers, entertainment reviews, and special fashion sections. US Weekly covers all the major events in Hollywood, from premiers to parties and award shows.
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  • Bestelmogelijkheden abonnement US Weekly
    PrijsPrijs per nrAantal nrsBezorging 
    €342,50€6,5952ASIA, M.EAST & OCEANIA
    €324,95€6,2552EUROPE (EAST)
    €314,95€6,0652EUROPE (WEST)
    €307,50€5,9152SOUTH-CENTRAL AMERICA
    €272,50€5,2452Great Britain (UK and N. Ireland)
    €299,95€5,7752New Zealand

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    US Weekly: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van US Weekly)

    US Weekly is one of the most pleasant 'gossip' (although in fairness, most of what it publishes is true) magazines out today. Nice for people who like to enjoy the glitz and glamor - and sometimes scandals - of Hollywood and other celebrities.
    If you live in Europe, you will know about 90% of the celebrities appearing in the magazine which makes this an interesting read even for people living outside of the US. 10% of the people discussed in this magazine may look a little less familiar to you if you are not American. Think of local journalists, politicians or athletes (e.g. Stars of the NBA Basketball or NFL American Football). There is not too much advertising (some other magazines are notorious for printing 60% ads and only 40% of printing space is used for the content you purchased the magazine for) so there is plenty of good stuff to read about and plenty of star power to admire.
    Tom V op 23-05-2014
    Leuk blad. Leest lekker weg.
    Chantal Wijker op 02-10-2009

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